June 19, 2021

Biden management releases the first set of White House visitor records

The White House does not include records related to “individual guests of first and second families” or “records related to a small group of particularly important meetings”. They described the visits of the Supreme Court appointees as such important meetings.

For that reason, perhaps, there were only a handful of people listed as having come to the White House to meet the President directly. The list includes Charlene Austin, Brian Fenton, Christopher Hill, Reginald Hill, Caleb Hyatt, Charles Luftik, and Kelly Maxman, all of whom met on the same day, January 25, the date of the inauguration of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Luftik serves as chief of staff in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Fenton is a lieutenant general in the U.S. Army. Maxman is the CEO of Austin. Wife of Charlene Austin Austin. Hyatt is Austin’s youngest military assistant. Christopher and Reginald Hill are Austin’s adopted sons.

White House records also indicate that two people met in the circumstance room (only listed as “circumstance” in the record sheets). They are Lepteris Kafatos, a translator for the U.S. Department of Language Office, and David Cohen, deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

During this period someone visited the residence: Raven Turner. The White House did not say who Turner was.

In the midst of the epidemic, most White House meetings are virtual. But the White House has refused to release the names of those attending the virtual meetings. Biden is He faced criticism for that decision, Good government committees still praise him for his progress beyond his immediate predecessors.

The Trump administration has refused to release audiences’ records to key White House offices, prompting legal challenges. Management Settled a lawsuit in 2018, In which Agreed to post records from some offices.

The Biden administration has stated It cannot be published They are because there are full audience recordings from the Trump White House Now the property of the National Archives must obtain the permission of the former president to make them public. Questions have been raised as to whether anyone involved in the January 6 uprising in Capitol visited in the days leading up to Trump.

Biden management expects more visitors as more people are being vaccinated than Govit-19, the release said.