May 17, 2021

Brian Guttegunst hopes that everyone will be happy with the choice of Amary Rodgers

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Thursday’s buzz of reports about the quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘Dissatisfaction with the Packers and the desire to play elsewhere is greater than everything the team did in the first two days of the draft.

In the third round, wide receiver Amary Rodgers – who has nothing to do with Aaron, but he is the son of Ravens wide receiver coach De Martin – is included. This is the highest choice used by a wide range of bakers since taking Downton Adams In the second round in 2014, it came after years of discussions about the lack of choices used in that position.

Aaron Rodgers may see the move as an attempt to solve problems, but general manager Brian Guttegunst said he expects a positive reaction from a large audience.

“I trust everyone on our team and in our building Is excited About adding Amari, ”Guttegunst said via “I think it’s something we wanted to add – we ‘ve wanted to add for a few years – that guy can play inside and some can come back. So yeah, I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Guttegunst said Thursday that the Packers, who also drew center Josh Myers on Friday, Does not trade Aaron Rodgers This Office. If Rodgers at Green Bay remains the same, Bakers believes Rodgers-to-Rodgers could see plenty in 2021.