June 19, 2021

Corona virus in Brazil: 4,000 deaths reported daily as Paulsonaro quells criticism of ‘genocide’

Brazil smashed its previous daily record with 4,195 covit-19 casualties, Health Ministry data showed Tuesday – the highest number of deaths in the world in that 24-hour period, according to Johns Hopkins University. New figures put Brazil’s total epidemic death toll at nearly 337,000.

In addition, nearly 87,000 new Govt-19 cases have been reported across the country, raising the total number of infections to 13,100,580, according to the Ministry of Health.

Bolsanaro, who has consistently underestimated the severity of his country’s health crisis, says it is to blame for the country’s active death toll. The president has repeatedly opposed the lock-in and control measures, and criticized them with insulting language against governors and mayors.

“They called me homosexual, racist, fascist, tortured … now what? I’m … someone who killed a lot of people? Genocide. Now I’m genocidal,” he told supporters in a video posted on YouTube outside the presidential palace in Brasilia on Tuesday evening. According to.

Many of Bolsanaro’s political opponents have accused him of “genocide” and used the term loosely to categorize the consequences of his Govt-19 response.

“What am I not guilty of here in Brazil?” Bolzano asked rhetorically in the video.

The Brazilian leader appeared to be an invention of the media that could solve the epidemic by providing organizations with government subsidies.

“I can solve the problem of the virus in a few minutes. I have to pay Globo and Folha what governments have paid in the past. [de São Paulo], S மாநிலம்o Paulo State, “he said, referring to the nationwide broadcaster and two S சாo Paulo-based newspapers.. “Now, that money is not for the press, it’s for other things.”

He violated his position on restrictions, arguing that he disagreed with those who supported social distance action, and that states that imposed stricter restrictions were experiencing higher mortality rates.

“What is the most locked state? Sao Paulo. What is the highest proportion of deaths? Sao Paulo,” he lied.

It has the 10th highest absolute mortality rate in Sao Paulo, but also the 10th highest.

One-third of the deaths recorded on Tuesday were in Sao Paulo, where 1,389 people died in 24 hours, state government data showed – a record for the highest number of deaths in a single day in any Brazilian state.

It comes despite the government imposing more restrictive measures a month ago, including closing businesses that deal directly with the public, such as shops, restaurants and bars.

Bolsanaro also said that locking would have the opposite effect as people are more susceptible to the virus.

“I have found some recent research that people with a healthy lifestyle are eight times less likely to have problems with covit,” he said. “You lock people up at home … what will he do at home? I suspect they haven’t gained a little weight from last year to this year.”

“I even made my stomach grow a little,” he joked.

Hospitals and intensive care units (ICUs) in some cities are returning patients, and the number of registered daily is coming as the entire health care system in the country is on the verge of collapse. Brazil is fighting several new species, some of which scientists believe are highly contagious. It seems that young people are getting sicker than in the early stages of the disease, although it is not clear what variations may play in that course.

Late on Tuesday, 23 of Brazil’s 27 federations declared ICU aggression rates of 80% or more. Of those, 15 have collapsed or are on the verge of collapse, with ICU occupancy accounting for more than 90%. Matteo Grosso do Sul is already more than capable, while only four states are below 80%.

Brazil’s vaccine rolling program has also caught on with delays.

During a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Bolsanaro on Tuesday expressed interest in receiving Russia’s Sputnik V-Kovit-19 vaccine. Bolzano said the shot would first need approval in the country.

“We finalize communication with others [health] Officials, including Anvisa, are working on how to effectively import the vaccine, ”said Bolzano, referring to the Brazilian health regulatory agency.

The Global Covit-19 cases rose for the sixth week in a row, the World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological update said on Tuesday. Brazil, the United States, Turkey, France and India record the highest numbers.