May 17, 2021

Dow Jones Futures: Microsoft, Google, AMD lead earnings move as stock market seeks rally direction

The Dow Jones futures changed slightly early Wednesday, with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures as Google stocks. Microsoft (MSFT) And Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Closer then core revenue.


The stock market rally moved sideways on Tuesday UPS (UPS), Bulldog Team (Ph.D.) And Crocodiles (CROX) Will lead significant revenue winners Tesla (DSLA) Retreated.

Google Parents letters (GOOGL), Microsoft Stock, AMD, Pinterest (Pins), Visa (V.), Starbucks (SBUX) Revenue reports after hours are significant.

Microsoft, Google, AMD, Pinterest, Visa and Starbucks all beat the profit margins. Google stock and AMD soared late. Visa stock, which is in the zone of purchase, climbed late. Microsoft backed down when Pins stock was sold. SBUX stock has low nodes.

Biden, Fed, high earnings Wednesday

Boeing (B.A.), Shopify (Shop) And Spotify (Spot) All reports before the market opens on Wednesday.

Boeing stock has regained its 50-day order, close to an early entry Double-bottom base. Shaffify stock is stuck between its 50 day and 200 day lines. Spotify stock is around its 50-day lineup, but a long way from its old highs.

Remember more, Apple (AAPL) And Facebook (FB) Include large earnings statements late Wednesday. The Federal Reserve’s policy announcement comes Wednesday afternoon, though it’s nothing. Finally, President Joe Biden will present his tax and spending plans to Congress in his keynote address.

Google Stock and Microsoft are in motion IPT Leaderboard. MSFT stock is active IPD long-term leaders.

Microsoft, Boeing, Apple and Visa share Dow Jones are in the industry average.

The future of Dow Jones is today

Dow Jones futures fell a fair value against 0.1%. Visa stock blue chips and Microsoft offers a moderate incentive for a drag. The S&P 500 futures rose 0.1% and the Nasdaq 100 futures rose 0.2%.

Remember to act overnight Dove Future Elsewhere there is no need to translate into the next regular real trade The stock market Session.

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Corona Virus News

Worldwide, corona virus cases reached 149.34 million. Covit-19 deaths are 3.14 million.

Corona virus cases in the United States have reached 32.92 million, with more than 587,000 deaths.

Stock market rally on Tuesday

Overview of the US Stock Exchange today

Index Logo Price Gain / Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 34006.37 +24.80 +0.07
S&P500 (0 S & P5) 4189.46 +1.84 +0.04
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 14099.15 -39.63 -0.28
Russell 2000 (E.D.C.) 228.45 +0.34 +0.15
IPD50 (FFTY) 47.78 -0.04 -0.08
Last Updated: 4:00 PM ET 4/27/2021

The stock market rally is nearing record highs again, waiting to cut earnings over the next three days.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed virtually unchanged on Tuesday Stock market trading, With the S&P 500 index. Nasdaq compound 0.3% lower. The fall in Tesla shares and the 10-year Treasury yield increase weighed on the mix.

In the middle Best ETFs, Inventor IPD 50 ETF (FFTY) 0.1% lower, while inventor IPD Breakout Opportunities ETF (BOUT) Fell 0.55%. Eyeshare Extended Technology-Software Sector ETF (IGV) Lost 0.4%, with MSFT holding the top spot. Vanic Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) Sank 0.6%. AMD stock is a key SMH component.

SPDR S&P Metals and Mining ETF (XME) 0.55% and Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF (PAVE) Increased by 0.1%. US Global Jets ETF (Jets) 0.5% down.

Reflecting more monolithic story stocks, ARK Discovery ETF (ARKK) 1.2% and ARK Genomics ETF (ARKG) 0.2% less. Tesla Stock is the largest ETF in ARK Investments.

Tesla stock

Tesla’s stock fell 4.5% to 704.74, the fifth time it had gained. E.V. Better than expected And earns a huge boost from Bitcoin sales and regulatory credits. Tesla has left its distribution targets intact as it says it will not see significant deliveries until the third quarter of the updated Model S and X.

It is not a big deal that Chinese consumer complaints about gaps and other issues – which have been extensively highlighted in the state-owned media – will affect China’s forward sales. China was Tesla’s growth engine last year, but competition is heating up dramatically.

Tesla driver-assist safety concerns are also an issue, although CEO Elon Musk exploded “deceptive” media reports about the fatal crash that killed two Model S passengers on April 17 in a revenue call on Monday.

DSLA stock is trading above its 50-day high of 780.89 Cup-with-handle base.

Key revenue

Microsoft Revenue Pulse at the same time 19% revenue gain is the best since 2018. Azure cloud-computing revenue rose 50%, but it was only in line with estimates. MSFD stock fell 3% on extended trading, causing some losses in the positive guidance provided in the return call. Shares rose 0.2% to a record high of 261.97 on Tuesday.

Google revenue Crushing scenarios, revenue growth rose to 34% again, the best in years. FANG also announced $ 50 billion in share purchases. Google stock rose 4% in overnight trading, signaling a new rise. The stock was down 0.8% at 2,290.98 on Tuesday. The share of Facebook in the buying zone was slightly higher in the late trade of Google revenue.

AMD revenue won views on growing data center chip sales. When chipmaker guides more to Q2. AMD stock rose 4% overnight. The stock was down 0.2% at 85.21 on Tuesday. Over the past few sessions, AMD stock has recovered its 50-day and 200-day taxes. Several chip plays were announced late Tuesday Deratin (To), Texas Instruments (TXN) And Maxim integrated products (MXIM).

Pinterest won revenue views, but the social site warned it missed some user ratings User growth may be slow As the economy reopens. Shares of extended active PINS fell 11%. Shares rose 1.11% to 77.58 on Tuesday, recovering the 50-day order. According to Marketsmith analysis, Pinterest shares have a base of 88.93 cup-with-hands. The handle is 21% deep, forming a large upside down.

Visa income It topped the targets of 38 1.38 per share, a penny a year earlier. Visa share received 1% of extended activity. The stock was down 0.2% at 229.31 on Tuesday. Last week Visa stock went above the 228.33 buying point Flat base. However, that Relative strength line The performance of Visa stocks against the S&P 500 index has been low for the past 10 months. But it follows nine years of performance. After closing the purchase limit, MasterCard soared in extended trading. Visa archive reports Thursday morning.

Starbucks revenue Topped the charts, but sales came in little by little. The coffee chain provided strong guidance. SBUX shares fell 2% in overnight trading. Shares rose 0.2% to 116.15 on Tuesday, continuing to consolidate above the buying zone in the last few sessions. On February 26, Starbucks stock 107.85 flat-buy space was destroyed, but did not hold above that until April.

Market Rally Analysis

The stock market rally continued to move sideways as the earnings season accelerated. Key codes Microsoft and Google are now reporting and affiliates Apple, Facebook and (AMZN) Tap along with hundreds of other companies. But it can be up or down, or more lateral action, especially if mixed with revenue reactions.

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are now 3.8% and 5% below their 50-day lines, respectively, giving it a small space to rise before being extended. The Nasdaq is below the record level, while the Russell 2000 is up, moving towards all time levels.

Keep a game plan for crime and safety. It goes to your overall portfolio and personal shares. If the revenue season is going well, you should have some quality names near the buying points on your watch list. If the earnings season is widespread or fighting for specific reserves, what is your exit strategy?

According to The big picture Every day the market direction and leading stocks and sectors must be in sync.

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