May 17, 2021

Dow Jones today, shares rallied ahead of central news, Biden talk; Google Railways, Microsoft Slide On Revenue

Shares fell mixed on Wednesday as the Federal Reserve split the offensive session of heavyweight earnings statements ahead of the afternoon policy announcement. Google Parent Alphabet has accumulated revenue just like Shopify and advanced micro devices. Facebook climbed into its buying range. Today in the Dow Jones, Microsoft, Boeing and Amken led the way in reporting delays in revenue reporting.


The S&P 500 wrestled with a 0.2% gain, enough to break Monday’s record high. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 135 points, or 0.4%. The Nasdaq Composite overturned a loss of 0.2% The stock market today, Even Amgen (AMGN), Coaster Group (CSGP) And Texas Instruments (TXN) Collapsed at the bottom of the Nasdaq 100.

IPT Leaderboard Stock letters (GOOGL) Was the primary trader, crossing a buying point as it climbed 4% to trade higher on the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500. Chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) And Jillinks (XLNX) Was high in the mixture, up to about 2% each. Eichers PHLX Semiconductor ETF (Generally) Chip stocks were weakSOXX) Texas Instruments and 1.3% initially low Micron technology (M.U.) Fell.

Among other names rising in revenue, Shopify (Shop) 4.8% more milling due to increased revenue 3 1.3 billion investment return.

Sharp compliance (Blacksmith) 2% has been popped. The advance nine-week cup raised shares above the buying limit, above the 15.57 buying spot on the site.

Confectioner Montreux International (MDLZ) Accumulated 4% of the revenue pulse. He was sent to the 12-week cup site for a repurchase limit of 60.10 above the buy point.

Poverty furniture (H.V.T.) Initially hit a gain of 5.6%. The move indicated more than 51% of the stock since the beginning of this year, heading towards another new rise.

Total inventories are rising; Central Bank Policy, Biden Talk

Retail inventory fell 1.4% in March, while total inventory rose 1.4%, according to the Commerce Department. Total inventories were up 0.5% in February, beating expectations of a 0.6% expansion.

Retail inventory came from a ‘no change’ performance in February.

The US trade deficit widened to $ 90.6 billion in March. This is up from the $ 86.7 billion trade gap in February. Imports rose 6.8% during the month. Exports increased by 8.7%.

The Federal Reserve policy announcement is set for ET at 2 p.m., followed by a press conference at 2:30 p.m. On Wednesday evening, President Joe Biden will present his tax and spending plans before Congress in his keynote address.

Today Dow Jones: Visa leads, Boeing traction

Visa (V.) Rose 2.5%, leading the Dow Jones today, while Amken gained 6.8% and Microsoft (MSFT) Dug a 3.1% abyss – after reporting earnings late on Tuesday. Shares Boeing (B.A.) Fell 2.9% after making a report Deeper first quarter loss than expected. Apple (AAPL) Flat trading was done as investors looked towards the second quarter report of its financial year.

Visa Finance Second quarter earnings were down 1% and revenue was down 2% – Both will win the analyst goals. Visa stock The flat base of 228.33 rises in the buying range above the buying point. The buying range runs up to 239.75.

Microsoft Finance Third Quarter Earnings and Earnings Analyst expectations were easily destroyed by 39% and 19%, respectively. Business cloud sales increased 33% to $ 17.7 billion A news release Noted that digital adoption curves continue to accelerate.

Microsoft’s booking action recommended lowering the buying limit above the 246.23 buy point on the seven-week flat site. The buying zone is trading at 258.54 and the shares have traded above that limit in the last two sessions.

Boeing has been wrestling with support with its 10-week moving average, moving up and down the cup-base buying space at 244.18. The stock is declining 21 day high speed moving average The stock is set to merge with its yet-to-be-seen 10-week high, similar to the conditions under which stock shares were below support in January and July.

Characters revenue, Facebook gets a Google lift

Characters revenue Crushed displays are the best since the fourth quarter of 2018, with revenue growth of 34%. FANG announced a whopping $ 50 billion to buy shares. IPT Leaderboard stock has been extended to 2,145.24 above a flat base purchase point. But it does signal a potential breakout past a 2,306.22 entry Three weeks are tight Method.

Morgan Stanley said FacebookF shares rose 2% after raising the price target for the Alphabet from 2,350 to 2,575, and that both Facebook and AMZN should take a boost from Alphabet’s positive Google search results in the quarter.

Facebook shares are in a buy range Cup-with-handle base Buy Point 299.81.

Key Symptoms: Oil, Copper, Bond Yield, Bitcoin

West Texas Intermediate oil rose 1.2% to close at $ 64 a barrel – its highest price since April 20. Prices reached 67.98 on March 8, the highest level since October 2018.

Copper prices supported 0.7%, above 45 4.45 per pound. More than 11% since March 31, prices have now surpassed the February high of $ 4.30 to $ 4.54 set in February 2011.

Stock Market ETF How to invest in strategy and current development

Bitcoin prices flat, trading at $ 55,000, According to CoinDesk. Cryptocurrency fell to $ 47,079 on Sunday, after hitting a new high of over 800 64,800 a week ago. Coinbase Global (Coin) IPO. Bitcoin is down about 8% now in April, but after the year started above $ 29,000, it is up 87% this year.

Bond yields rose after a big bounce on Tuesday. After stabilizing at 1.62% on Tuesday, 10-year yields moved above 1.63%, according to CBOE data. The move on Tuesday showed yields returning from a test of their 50-day moving average ahead of the central bank meeting. Yields fell to pre-epidemic levels in late March, rising to almost 1.76% – the highest level since January 2020.

Today Dow Jones: Chip ETFs near Nasdaq, Buy Points

As the stock market The confirmed rise is in a strong position, The Nasdaq Composite continues to play today up to the S&P500 and the Dow Jones, but offers the most interesting chart on the board.

The Dow has risen 11% since the beginning of this year, up 0.8% from April 16. The S&P 500 has gained 11.4% this year, and is only a fraction of its latest record set on Monday.

Nasdaq has gained 8.6% since the beginning of the year. It is above 14,000 points and is less than 1% from the February 16 high. The hybrid chart shows the index above which is a handle purchase point. As a result, many Nasdaq monitoring funds trade near the point of purchase. Invesco QQQ Foundation (QQQ) Is above it 21 day high speed moving average, And in the eight-week cup site 338.29 in the buying range above the buy point. The buy limit runs up to 355.20.

Leveraged Processors Ultra QQQ (QLD) Added in IPT’s Swing Trader On Thursday the service recovered from its 21-day order and opened the buying range from 131.75 to 134.38. The chart also shows a standard cup-base purchase location at 133.06.

Chip industry stocks, which are a major influence on Nasdaq, also create some buyable charts in exchange traded funds.

Vanic Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) Ended 10% below the 257.64 buy space on the 10-week cup-with-hand site on Tuesday. Forex Daily Semiconductor Bull 3X Shares (SOXL) is below the 45.40 buying point on a Cup-with-handle base.

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