June 19, 2021

Republicans and Democrats are fighting for higher ground after McCann testified

“What’s taking me is that yesterday at the White House, Zen Zaki said he did not want to review Dr. Fossie’s 17 – month emails, but today House Democrats in the House of Commons are religiousizing the Mller statement.” He told reporters, According to C-span.

Meanwhile, Committee Democrats called Friday “a great day for congressional oversight.”

Chairman Jerry Nadler McCann testified that “the most dangerous period in the history of our country” and that by obtaining testimony, “we have made it clear that the executive branch must respect our sub-phones.”

“There is no such thing as ‘absolute immunity’ from congressional testimonies. Good congressional investigators will eventually defend their testimony.” Nadler said in a statement Friday afternoon.

He said two years was too long and that “the Trump era has taught us that good faith cooperation with our groups can no longer depend on Congress.” He said Congress plans to enact legislation that would allow their sub-phones to operate more timely.

In 2019, the panel backed McCann to testify about Trump’s attempts to disrupt the Mல்லller trial. M முller’s report described the many ways in which Trump sought his firing, and many legal experts considered this to be a comprehensive argument for Trump’s obstruction of justice. But M முller did not recommend bringing in such accusations, in line with long-standing internal DOJ rule, except to accuse sitting presidents. At the time, Attorney General Bill Barr announced that Trump would not face charges.

Many Democrats saw the decision as a mockery. They sought to hear from McCann, a key witness in Trump’s efforts to block Mல்லller’s trial. But during the Trump administration, the judiciary argued enthusiastically against McCann’s testimony. The lawsuit was settled out of court this year, with the judiciary – now headed by President Joe Biden – appointing Democrats and McCann to cut his contract to allow his testimony. The New York Times reports.

The panel said it would release a transcript within seven days following the appearance of the closed doors.

McCann’s testimony comes as criminal investigations into the former president and his allies are evaporating. In April, FBI agents raided the apartment and office of Trump’s former personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. They also confiscated the cellphone of Victoria Donsing, another lawyer close to Trump.

Meanwhile, the New York Attorney General announced that the Trump organization’s investigation has turned into a criminal investigation. Lydia James’ office is said to have sent lawyers to embed with Manhattan’s district attorney, who is also conducting a criminal investigation into the president’s businesses. The district attorney used a large arbitral tribunal as part of that investigation.

At the same time, Trump has cemented his place as the true leader of the Republican Party. Last month, Republicans in Congress fired President Liz Cheney for continuing to criticize the president for repeatedly lying about the outcome of the 2020 election. Trump is scheduled to speak at the North Carolina Republican convention this weekend.

Mia Ward contributed to this report.