June 19, 2021

28 loaded on VIA buses, dozens in 18-wheeler at 1 east side truck stop admitted to hospital after being released on bail, SAPD

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Homeland Security investigators responded to a call from San Antonio police after officers said 80 to 100 people had escaped from the back of an 18-wheeler when an officer arrived to investigate a suspiciously large rickshaw at a truck stop in the Far East.

Lt. Jesse Salem told SAPD that police received a call for a suspicious 18-wheeler heading east of I-10 at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

When a park police officer responded to a call at a truck stop near I-10 and Foster Road, he went to confront the truck driver when a group from the back of the 18-wheeler was released on bail, Salem said.

Police estimate there were 80 to 100 people mixed with men and women in the trailer, but authorities are still investigating to get an accurate count. According to Salem, twenty-nine people were in contact with San Antonio police and firefighters.


San Antonio Fire Department General Information Officer Joe Arrington said only one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution due to dehydration. The other 28 were healthy and were taken on VIA buses, Salem said. It is not clear where the buses went, and police sent further questions about taking those individuals to the HSI.


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