May 17, 2021

How Mel Khyber Jr. feels about the Patriots taking on Mac Jones in the NFL draft

Mel Kipper Jr. presented his seal of approval to the New England Patriots on Friday.

On Thursday night the Patriots stood in the first round and selected Alabama quarterback Mac Jones 15th overall selection In 2021 NFL Draft. This led to the Kipper, including New England Round 1 “Winners” A piece from a post on

Why? Well, choice means good value for patriots. ESPN NFL draftsman believes Jones has many of the same characteristics that allowed Tom Brady Grow and thrive for so long In the New England.

“So I like this fit, you don’t have to trade to get Phil Belichic & Co. Jones,” Kipper wrote. “Since San Francisco’s interest in Jones has been around for the past few weeks, I do not think he will make it to the middle of Round 1. I think he has a chance to play early on, with Cam Newton and Jared Stidham (both played for QB1 jobs now competing in Auburn).” Josh McDonnell will train him hard. Now, can the Patriots improve on the 2nd day pass-catcher? Their next choice is number 46. ”

Three quarterbacks were selected to start the draft: Trevor Lawrence for the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Zack Wilson for the New York Jets and Trey Lance for the San Francisco 49ers. After that, another QB didn’t go until the Chicago Bears advanced from 20th to 11th to pick Ohio State star Justin Fields.

Jones was the fifth signal caller from the group, landing with New England despite a ton of pre-draft speculation as to whether Phil Belichic should trade for his trade. Quarterback of future ownership. And then the Patriots Received rave reviews, Which Kipper added when taking first round shares.

Belichick explained that Jones was drafting the decision to be Cam Newton Is the quarterback of New England. We will see How much time will it take In 2021 the Patriots missed the playoffs by recording a 7-9 record after 2020.