April 12, 2021

Joe got to Hunter Biden to support Pew’s relationship with his widow

Hunter Biden persuaded his father in 2017 to give public approval to his relationship with his brother Beau’s widow, saying it was best for the grandchildren.

“‘Dad, I told him,’ If people find out, but they think you don’t agree with this, it seems wrong, ‘” Hunter Biden wrote in his book “Beautiful Things.” To Fox News.

At the time, Joe Biden had recently left the White House after serving twice as Barack Obama’s vice president.

Hunter – who at the time was married to his wife Kathleen – said he and Haley were “incredibly lucky” that their family supported the extraordinary relationship after Pew died of cancer in May 2015.

Hunter told his father that his grandchildren would suffer if the former vice president did not issue a positive statement on the matter.

“Kids need to know there’s nothing wrong with this, you’re the only one who can tell them,” Hunter pleaded.

Biden agreed to release a statement: “Hunter and Halli found each other lucky. After such a tragedy they reunited their lives together. They have the full and full support of mine and Jill. We are happy for them.”

Hunter and Holly later split up, and Hunter wrote: “I frantically tried to grab a part of my brother, and I think Holly does the same.”