May 17, 2021

John Oliver ‘Moron’ Joe Rogan enters overcover vaccines

When COVID-19 numbers are reached Terrifying new heights in IndiaWith a world record of more than 400,000 new cases in a single day, helping to stop vaccination and spread is even more important. Still, despite the abundant vaccine supply in the United States, many Americans are refusing to receive the Govt vaccine. Yes, there have been numerous reports of Americans rejecting the first or second dose of the vaccine.

“Vaccines are clearly our best way out of this mess for a long time,” John Oliver argued. “These vaccines can save not only your life, but the lives of the people around you, and the fact that we are already at this point in just a few months before the vaccine rolls is really disruptive. But a survey found that 60 percent of American adults have got the vaccine — or want to get it, and about 18 percent say ‘maybe’ and 22 percent say ‘no’.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about vaccines that has killed zero people to date, including the popular freelance podcast. Joe Rogan. So Oliver was almost dedicated His whole Last week tonight Show Sunday against the misinformation.

“If you think, Yes, I did not know I needed it. Joe Rogan says I’m fine. This is true: you should not be seriously ill with COVID – or you may actually be sick – but you can inadvertently pass it on to someone who may die, ”said Oliver. Before you say, “Well, victims should be vaccinated,” vaccines are only 95 percent effective, so they may be OK, but they are not. Also, let’s see how much more the virus spreads, making it more dangerous, it may help to avoid the vaccine altogether, it helps us to go back to square one, so get the fucking vaccine! ”

Oliver spoke about the “trouble of vaccine reluctance right now,” including 30 percent of Republicans saying they don’t have access. … So it doesn’t work, don’t they tell you that? ”