June 19, 2021

The Broncos are missing out on 15 million guarantees due to off-side injury to Javan James

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The broader option that teams have if a player is seriously injured from work is usually implemented based on a variety of factors. The most important player, he is highly valued for his efforts to win the games and continue the championship, and he will get paid even if he technically loses his ability. The less important player, especially in light of what he was and / or will be paid, gets nothing for him.

Manage Javan James, Broncos has chosen to take the “you get nothing” approach. They paid James $ 17 million in 2019, and he only played in three games. Then, he retired last year, during epidemics. (This should not be considered against him in theory.

So a year after football, James began working at the team facility. He is said to have left the club on the recommendation of the NFL Players’ Association. Communication from the team clarified, although the team offered him and others “voluntary options” to workout rules away from the team The team is not responsible For injuries away from the facility.

So James is really an injury, a serious injury. Francois, considering all the factors, decided not to take James off the list and pay his salary for 2021, but decided to sever ties with one player, but due to an off-side injury, he would have earned more than $ 10 million in 2021. That money guarantees efficiency, injury and cap.

For a source with knowledge of the situation, the Broncos have not moved to cancel the remaining warranties on its contract ($ 10 million this year and $ 5 million injury guarantee by 2022). Instead, the Broncos relied on the simple concept (Just like the Ravens did with Earl Thomas last year) Guarantee of efficiency, injury and cap does not hide an injury from work.

The next question is whether Francois will try to recover the $ 3 million signature bonus quota that applies to the 2021 season. Based on the written method of Section 4, Section 9 of the CPA, it would be difficult for the Broncos to pass. To recover the full signature bonus applicable for a particular year, there must first be a “seizure violation” as well as a continuous breach at the end of a particular season. By cutting James before a “seizure violation”, James will miss at least six days of training camp and will never have the right to recover anything in the 2021 signing bonus quota.

The Broncos may argue that the nature of the injury (torn Achilles tendon) is such that at the end of the regular season there will have been violations confiscated in all ways. James replies that this is not a bar; The team cut him off for the inability to train, resulting in James actually committing a confiscated breach, which allows him to sign the bonus. Thus, the team cannot take any of it.

In other words, James will be treated differently than any other player who has been cut with the remaining unsigned bonus payments in his contract. The player has that money.

The Broncos could easily be on James’ non-football injury list for 2021, allowing him to run “seizure violations” and then seeking $ 3 million. Now it is not clear why they wanted to cut him off. They didn’t want to deal with any PR pushback for refusing to pay James the weekly salary once the regular season started. They don’t want him in that facility because he is rehabilitating the injury, and the Broncos serve as a constant reminder to the rest of the list that he has chosen to stick with James. They may want to stick with their union by forcing James to pay for his own rehab.

Regardless, while James keeps arguing the full amount of the signing bonus paid in 2019, he gets nothing else. This will be another reminder to all players that there is no “fully guaranteed” money. This is only a guarantee for capacity, salary cap and injuries sustained while in the building or on the field.

The Broncos did not release James for talent, salary cap, or injury at work. So million 10 million evaporates.

But what is the concept of James? He will exercise his right to fight this decision? I also have the right to fight with Mike Tyson, which will give him the right to beat me into a bloody mess.